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the company
What is it?

Remote Mediterranean is a remote work program based in the Middle East. Our first group of members moved to Cairo in Fall 2018. Our second groups are headed to Cairo and Beirut in Spring 2019. 

travel over tourism
What's different?

Aside from location, there are two critical differences between us and other remote work programs: we structure longer-term stays (three or six months), and we prioritize language study. If you're looking for something more challenging than a beach and more meaningful than an Instagram shot, we're your people. Read more of our thoughts on remote work here.

the mission
Why the Middle East?

Another great question. Read more here.

the Perks
What's in it for members?

Unless you've been before, Cairo and Beirut can be difficult places to move and get settled. While some remote work outfits have robust, highly structured programs, we're laser-focused on making your transition easy. Your apartment, roommates, and a ready-made network of expats and locals will be waiting for you when you land. Other benefits include pickup from the airport, first-day internet and cell service set-up, one-week orientation, a $750 voucher for language classes, administrative support during your stay, and lifetime access to the Remote Med network.

the payments
how much are dues?

$1500, payable in installments. Members can cut that amount in half by spending the full $750 voucher with our pre-approved language tutors or at another language school in town.

The Digs
What about rent?

Rent is paid separately from dues. For more information about rates in our apartments, and to see where we stay, reach out to us separately.

"that" question
Are your locations safe?

Yes. And tremendously safer, in any case, than the average American tourist imagines. Housing is located in central, expat-friendly neighborhoods, and we're firmly committed to making sure members are properly oriented, thoroughly educated, and well taken care of during their stay.

Who do you admit?

Prospective members should be able to demonstrate an ability to pay dues during their stay. They should also have travel experience, an entrepreneurial attitude, and a strong interest in the Middle East.

How do I apply?

See more details about our Spring 2019 Classes and let us know how to reach you here. We'll be in touch with more questions.

How can I get in touch?

Give us a shout at We've also got a mailing address and phone number, listed here.

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