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OUr Mission

Our mission

why travel

Remote Mediterranean is founded on the belief that tourism is great, but travel is essential. By structuring longer-term stays and prioritizing language study, we aim to build meaningful bridges between the U.S. and the Middle East, and to help remote workers recalibrate preconceived notions and think deeply about their place in the world. Our members are people who value commitment, aren't afraid to take chances, and understand the importance of principled internationalism.

Our location

why the middle east

Despite its substantial ethnic, religious, and political diversity, for too many Americans the Middle East is little more than a negative headline or a political talking point. In truth, our host cities are cultural crossroads, at the forefront of the world's future, and interesting, enjoyable places to live. By committing to language study and longer-term stays, and through strategic partnerships with local entrepreneurs and other organizations, we aim to foster a meaningful, productive, future-oriented exchange between young professionals in the two regions.

your options

why remote work

We believe in remote work because we believe in travel. Spending committed, quality time abroad used to require an unconventional career, or quitting your job altogether. Not anymore. Americans have never been freer to think creatively about how they want to live. 


We also believe remote work programs are the future. The last few years have seen a rapid proliferation of companies aiming to help make the remote work "dream" come true. As demand for these services grows, we hope to channel some of that energy towards the Middle East. 

our story

about our founder

Blake Edwards spent most of 2014 living and working remotely in Egypt. In short, Remote Mediterranean is an attempt to build the kind of program he wishes he would have had four years ago. He's now an attorney in Los Angeles, California. See his resume here, his Instagram here, and email him directly at

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